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Leaving dry-dock

Leaving dry-dock

In the first week of May we went back up the Trent and Mersey to Stone, to dry dock Sanity and black her bottom. We'd used Stone Canal Cruising last time and been very pleased with their service, and they were just as helpful (but still very laid back) this time. THe dock is one of the original buildings on the canal, and a listed building, so there's a real sense of history using it.

Slapping on the Comastic seemed even harder work than before, and I reckon we'll adopt a different strategy next time it needs doing. We're seriously thinking about getting her grit blasted and the bottom done with a two pack epoxy vinyl blacking, which is claimed to last much longer than two years.

Hard work complete, we made a leisurely trip from Stone to Crick in time to help on the Braidbar stand at the Crick Boat Show. On the way, I acquired the T-mobile Web 'n Walk USB modem I now use almost all the time for internet access. Since then 3 and Vodafone have brought out USB modems as well, so it's worth checking out the deals if you investing in high speed mobile internet access.

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