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Snipe at Kingsbury Water Park

Snipe at Kingsbury Water Park

On the 10th of March we set off from Poynton to go to Alrewas for our six monthly dental and medical checks. We took our time, not least because we couldn't be sure that a stoppage at Armitage railway bridge would be lifted in time for us to get to Alrewas for Elanor's birthday, so we came the long way round via the Staffs and Worcs and the BCN. The calendar photo of Sheila steering on the BCN was taken during this trip.

In the course of this diversion, we discovered Kingsbury Water Park, a really well converted area of gravel pits. On a later visit at the end of March, I had a lot of fun with my new camera taking birdy photos, including this one of some snipe feeding at the margin of a reedy islet.

"Where?" I hear you ask: if you can't see them on this photo, just go on to the next one.

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