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Workers boats from St Ives bridge

Workers boats from St Ives bridge

It takes a lot of time and effort to set up a show as big as the IWA National Festival and Boat Show. The boats of those on the team start arriving a fortnight before the event. The show took place on the flood meadow on the left of the picture - you can just see the perimeter fence as a grey blur.

St Ives was challenging to get to because of the aforementioned floods and difficulty with the Great Ouse at Ely. Then, just as we were in the final push in the week before the event, further rain led to the site becoming waterlogged, so much of the exhibitors' display material had to be carried to their stands by volunteers from wrg and the Festival team. There some pictures of this on the wrg site, but I can't link to them directly because the site uses frames. If you want to see them, follow this link, and then select "Canal Camps 2008", then choose "0718 National at St Ives" in the pull down on the left marked "Photos and messages from previous camps".

Despite this, the event itself was a great success, with large numbers coming through the turnstiles on all three days.

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