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Welcome to the Sanity Website!

This is the website that I created to celebrate the construction of our first liveaboard narrowboat, Sanity. Sanity was fitted out by Iain and Luisa Bryceland of Braidbar Narrowboats during the winter of 2003/04.

We lived on her for six happy years, and then decided we wanted a longer boat, so we built Sanity Again.

In the meantime, the more interactive style of web page developed, and so the Building Sanity Again blog described the build of our new boat, and the photos of her build appeared on Flickr. That blog has now been relaced by my eBook of the same title. Nowadays, I use the blog and Flickr to report on our life aboard. Living in Sanity Again is a day by day account of our travels and travails, and is intended to give those considering changing to the continuous cruising lifestyle a sense of what it's like.

So this website is now more like an archive. There is a plan of Sanity here, and some techie stuff here. There's also a photo album of her fit out, and photos of our first three years aboard. I used to use this site to advertise the crochet porthole doilies that Sheila makes and sells, but these are now displayed on this Flickr page.

When buying red diesel, you now need to make a declaration as to how much is to be used for propulsion, and pay extra duty on that part of the purchase. Most but not all boatyards are following the correct procedure, and Sue of No Problem has a web page here to show which ones are known to be complying.

Sheila has produced an Excel spreadsheet that lets you calculate what proportion of a tank of diesel has been used for propulsion, and you can download it here. We don't want to charge for this, but if you do find it useful, please make a donation to the Waterway Recovery Group; instructions for how to do that are included on the spreadsheet.

People who own or are thinking of buying a Braidbar boat may like to join the Braidbar Owner's Group email list. To join, visit the Yahoo website for it, or else send an email to braidbar-owners-subscribe 'at' yahoogroups.com. There's more detailed info about the Group here.

If you have any comments about the website, please email "anyone'at'nbsanity.me.uk". Throughout this site, I avoid giving email addresses in clear, to frustrate the dreaded spambots. In order to use the email address, just replace the 'at' bit with the @ symbol.